Jack’s Coca Cola Brisket

Jack’s Coca Cola Brisket

(for a crowd)


1 trimmed brisket

1 bottle liquid smoke

1 onion quartered

1 can of coke


BBQ sauce


Prepare a double layer of foil big enough to wrap around meat like a package. Center the foil under meat, with both on or in a baking pan. Place liquid smoke, onion, and coke on and around brisket. Seal the foil around the prepared brisket.  (Brisket is now wrapped in foil in a pan) Place in 200 degree oven at around 10pm. Take out in the morning, cool, and put in refrig.  Later in the day, open, drain and remove fat with a spoon. Slice thinly

across the grain. Place meat in pan, cover top with BBQ sauce and heat in oven or microwave.


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